General info

Remote Control is carried out using a Web browser. User should open special URL, sign in. After that downloads, settings, RSS-feeds maangment is possible.

Set up remote control

To start using remote control it is enougph to specify Login, Password and Web port in settings.
Additinal settings avaliable:

  • Enable UPnP – switching this setting will allow users using different routers (modems) to use UPnP technology for automatic port redirection (forwarding) only when the router supports this technology.
  • Loggin – currently not implemented
  • Use IP-filter – allows to restrict access to Remote Control by IP.

Examples of IP-filters:

alow 109.110.*.*
deny 10.10.*.*

Using remote control

How to get link for remote control

To use Remote Control featere you should know your external IP-address .

To know your external IP-address you could use one of this services:

In case you have dynmic IP-address you can use on of DDNS services:

  • DynDNS (необходимо заказать триал DynDNS Pro на 14 дней, правда для этого потребуется ввести данные карты, вам дадут лимит в 31 хост, отказываетесь от DynDNS Pro и остаётся 1 хост бесплатный)
  • No-Ip
  • easydns
  • dnsomatic
  • dnsexit

This services allows you to makre your ip address resolve as a domain name(example:

IP-address or domain name must be entered in the browser address bar. Than add a colon and the port specified in the settings.

For example, you have registered a free domain name and specified port 8080 in settings, then in the browser address bar you must enter After that, in the browser authorization  window pops up in which you must enter the username and password specified in the settings

Description of UI elements and their’s functions

  1. Toolbar
    1. Add torrent
    2. Add magnet link
    3. Unpause torrent
    4. Pause torrent
    5. Remove torrent
    6. Open settings
  2. Search
  3. Example of selected torrent
  4. Torrent information panel(appiars when you click on torrents).
  5. Exmaple of paused torrent
  6. Pagination

Actions Unpause torrent, Pause torrent, Remove torrent works only on selected torrents

Search is only by name.

Torrent information panel contains 4 tabs:

  • Torrent informations
  • Peers
  • Trackers
  • Files

Pagination appiaers when number of torrents is more than 10.

Plans and future changes

  • Move Torrent information panel to bottom and make it common for all torrents.
  • Move torrent actions with requres selection to plane of torrent