Cutetorrent Features

Torrent Filtering

Create groups that sort torrent files with specific file extensions by assigning them a save location.

Remote control

Remote control allows you to manipulate your downloads from anywhere.

Speed limits

CuteTorrent is able to control download/upload speeds per-torrent and globally.

Sequential downloading

Download pieces of files in consecutive order. Giving the ability to watch a movie as it downloads.

Built-in video player

RSS-feeds and auto-downloading

Support for autodownloading from RSS feeds using matching rules.

Customizable skins

Change the appearance of the client with skins using QSS(Qt Style Sheets), similar to CSS.

Peer exchange

Peer exchange(PEX) improves the speed, efficiency, and robustness of the BitTorrent protocol while reducing the need for centralized trackers.


Web seeding

Download torrent pieces from an HTTP source in addition to the swarm.

Proxy support

Capable of using all modern proxy-server types  (HTTP/HTTPS proxy, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, i2p) to help keep you anonymous.

BitTorrent Protocol Encryption

Can use Protocol Header Encryption(PHE) and Message Stream Encryption(MSE) to secure your traffic.


Sets up port forwarding automatically using NAT-PMP and Universal Plug And Play (UPnP) with capable hardware.


Allows your client to search for additional peers, which in turn positively affects the download speed.

Local Peer Discovery

Supports the discovery of LAN BitTorrent peers, aiming to minimize the traffic through the Internet service provider.


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CuteTorrent Releases


Fixed: Bug: not saving Windows Explorer integration settings. Bug: moving a torrent to folder with Unicode chars. Bug: inappropriate behavior during resizing .


Fixed: Bug: not saving Windows Explorer integration settings. Bug: apearing error message window when switching to comments. Bug: incorrect file association check for torrent files.


Fixed: Some bugs. Decreases size of client on hdd. Added: Comments system(Requieres autorizations to add\edit\remove). UI reworked.

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